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G.L.A.M. - The Feel

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Uploaded 01/22/2014
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4:22 PM March 3, 2014 janaerice12 said:

I like your flow, its different. I can see it. G.L.A.M. keep it up. Im rockin witcha out in memphis.
2:33 PM February 24, 2014 nbarnes11 said:

She kills it and compared to all of the other wack female rappers she brings a style and lyrical flow to the game.
4:51 PM January 31, 2014 rawnasty said:

i **** wit this forever yo

Great Lyrics And Music

5:23 PM January 28, 2014 solidau29 via Mobile:

She sounds like that white chick from miami, or it is her and I'm just ignorant to the pseudonyms.
1:56 PM January 28, 2014 blive13 said:

Different but in a good way
12:44 AM January 27, 2014 MogulMami said:

@Jswagg Good Lyrics and Music
8:47 PM January 26, 2014 jswagg said:

Wht do Glam mean
4:52 PM January 26, 2014 ciarafuturewife said: