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Ro Akin - Mixed Feelings

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Uploaded 08/20/2013

It's a new era of music and it's time for a new leader in the industry that is natural in performance and clear in artistry with a story to tell. Now emerges a man with an approach that is clearly designed beyond the normal expectations. RO Akin is a rapper, producer and writer with a deep-rooted culture from a Nigerian background yet residing in Atlanta, Georgia where he bridges the connections through lyrical experiences. He has an international appeal that is noticeable from his commanding voice and physically towering at the height of 6'4 he plans on commanding and towering the industry with an acclaim that is respected and noticeable. In the near future he plans on using his talents to share his life story. Humble in his laid back approach and persona providing an introspective look on his initial mix tape release titled Lowkey Famous hosted by DJ ILL WILL. RO Akin still provides aspects of true work-ethic that is rare in this business now it's time for RO Akin to step on the scene.

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5:58 PM May 21, 2014 nywarner1 said:


8:24 PM December 6, 2013 U4C said:

"My Role" is a great song !!!! TU
11:02 PM August 21, 2013 sharesthelove said:

I guess Mr. DAS was right! It's vibin...
9:31 PM August 21, 2013 FLYNATION_DAS said:

Dude is dope as ****! If you don't listen to this then you're sleep!
7:07 PM August 21, 2013 jayce007 via Mobile:

Definitely vibin to this..
8:22 PM August 20, 2013 AshBCool said:

Dope flow, dope style, dope lyrics. Definitely a good look for ATL.
12:22 PM August 20, 2013 mell850 said:

don't sleep on it like RNS