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Ax - On My Way Out

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Uploaded 07/31/2013
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With years of support from industry insiders, and a story dating back 10+ years in the streets of the South Bronx. Ax received early support from Fat Joe, co signs by DJ Premiere, and shout-outs from Eminem in Complex magazine. His raw skill earned him a 7-0 undefeated winning streak in the classic Fight Club rap battles, until he ultimately lost the 50k cash prize to Professor Green. Falling back from the rap spotlight, AX, born Axell Leon, decided to focus on his kids, and personal life, while he put his music career on hold. Urging from his longtime friend Travie McCoy, and certain circumstances in his life, specific to his block and his family, led him back to the rap game, to tell the story of life, death and hip hop culture.

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8:53 AM August 6, 2013 Vis4Villain said:

keep working on the deliVery and u good homie;)V
8:11 PM August 2, 2013 CraKKnCardz said:

8:58 AM August 2, 2013 THRNx said:

If you need a dope ARTWORK/mixtape cover check me out thrnthrn[dot]tumblr[dot]
1:28 AM August 2, 2013 Random74 said:

Ohhhh ****, this is Axel from the freestyle with Charlie Clips and all them in the studio!!! I did not expect to see this up here.
3:06 PM August 1, 2013 nmn said:

Search Why Cue on here [Can't Break The Concrete V3] Mixtape #SUPPORT #LISTEN #SPG
1:47 AM August 1, 2013 gkevin said:

U nice fam, definitely gonna let u shine on my show. Salute the return!!
11:37 PM July 31, 2013 scutterfield via Mobile:

1017guwopp u a *****
9:28 PM July 31, 2013 realshidd said:

julius..u cant run ***** im coming to florida ***** n ima put one in yo head boy