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Louis B - The Louis Chronicles

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Score: 26
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Uploaded 07/20/2013
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7:25 PM January 16, 2014 A1FBG_ said:

i can see someone saying they don't **** with this kind of sound, but saying this sucks makes no sense
12:53 PM July 29, 2013 hiphophead22 said:

this is so ****in whack, this mixtape is everything that is wrong with hip hop in one collection
9:33 PM July 24, 2013 calikid707 said:

keep hustlin kid this **** is flame
8:47 AM July 23, 2013 tape_junkie said:

the hate is real lol
8:04 PM July 22, 2013 shootie24 said:

u cant get none of the shyt u talkin bout . i know where u stay , i went i high school with yo ***** *** , you need to ice yourself . Turn down, i can go to marshalls and buy this shyt
6:49 PM July 22, 2013 shootie24 said:

****in terrible ****. bull**** music. get the **** out of here with this non sense.
10:11 PM July 21, 2013 warren951 said:

the production is truly incredible tho. bigups all the producers on this hoe
8:31 PM July 21, 2013 warren951 said:

this **** aint flame or nun.. but its koo. continue on mane. but that soft *** french inhale on ya video made u look like a lame foreal. LMFAO