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J.Nolan - Distinction

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Score: 24
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Uploaded 07/04/2013
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9:08 AM March 14, 2015 pjmoney said:

very dope
9:55 PM July 9, 2013 LeffRack said:

Son is easily one of the illest to pick up a mic. Keep doing what you do kid.
8:49 PM July 7, 2013 rocco7royale said:

That song "what goes around" is some deep ****...stay consistent and you will be rewarded with national exposure in due time....hip hop is dormant ready to rise again...
2:20 AM July 7, 2013 J_Nolan said:

Glad y'all enjoy this tape. Please make sure to spread that link out, we need more people behind it! Thanks!
10:15 PM July 6, 2013 rocco7royale said:

I could tell this was gonna be a good mixtape as soon as I saw the cover....
11:02 PM July 4, 2013 RunRapWorldRuler said:

J. Nolan, well nice to ****ing meet you. Can't wait to hear more from you. Good Album. Damn Good. Kill **** continually.
12:42 PM July 4, 2013 HipHopInTheSoul said:

Amazing album! The beats are mad dope and Nolan kills it with his lyrics, technique and flow. Definitely bright future ahead of this kid. Don't miss out on this tape!