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Decatur Redd - Death To The Fake

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Score: 47
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Uploaded 07/04/2013
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2:22 AM August 1, 2013 iSpeakTheTruth101 said:

Search Narley Boiz on here. #ATL [Almost Too Late] Mixtape #SUPPORT #LISTEN #ATLANTA
1:20 AM July 11, 2013 fivestargen said:

this nigga hard as **** vote this **** up
11:25 PM July 8, 2013 skinnysmitty said:

Shawty cool seduction he used to rock it...C.N.E.
7:10 PM July 8, 2013 prettyassme said:

Coming threw to wish yu the best, Really proud of you!!#turnup!#rmr#gbe#upt#4eva. ♡♥♡
5:30 PM July 8, 2013 genomullins via Mobile:

Killed da whole Mixtape brah!! #Salute
4:53 PM July 8, 2013 mrkrazyatl via Mobile:

Dude put in work after beating that murder charge at south dekalb mall in decatur ga
8:07 AM July 8, 2013 Kinghearns via Mobile:

This is RNS certified. It sounds so much better 4rm someone who actually lived their music.. if u sleep u better wake up, the homie Decatur Redd is da truth..
5:42 PM July 7, 2013 corinne06 said: