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Atari Jones - W.E.I.R.D Pt. 4 (Sleep Walker)

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Uploaded 04/10/2013
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10:54 AM April 23, 2013 elohaha93 said:

everybody is not out here rapping about cookin drugs and ****ing women. that doesnt mean its trash
2:24 PM April 13, 2013 Juiceman16 said:

Production is great. Music, mixing, beats, etc. I like the different style. More so chill music. But the lyrical deliverance was lacking. Also Atari has a great voice. But the lyrics man..
11:07 PM April 10, 2013 KRock55 via Mobile:

I'm sure murk165 only listen to Gucci Waka Jay-z you just not ready for the new **** still stuck on the same ol same
10:43 PM April 10, 2013 YoungTruthful said:

i fux with this hard tho different **** to the fullest
7:26 PM April 10, 2013 KRock55 via Mobile:

Best **** that has came out for a while
6:19 PM April 10, 2013 amccall09 said:

amazing mixtape, great beats, talented artist to look out for! support CLE
5:53 PM April 10, 2013 YoungScene said:

This mixtape is pretty tight. Good work man.
5:45 PM April 10, 2013 murk165 via Mobile:

Should be titled, TRASH