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Ray Rebel - Food For Thought

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Score: 11
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Uploaded 02/03/2013
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2:33 PM March 2, 2013 FlyShit said:

After listening to this tape again, I must say that this is ****in amazing bro.... I downloaded your last two tapes. Can't wait til the next project. keep it up!!
1:50 PM February 24, 2013 mell850 said:

i see it sumn there
1:01 AM February 8, 2013 MzMusik23 via Mobile:

Nicely Done Papi I like #10.keep doing ya thing =)
1:56 AM February 4, 2013 datziggidy said:

dont giv up,no giv up,let it go,u suk like crakers *****es suk ***
8:33 PM February 3, 2013 slimchance said:

I don't know what the first dude is talkin about, but this **** ridin. my fav record is number 2 and number 10. those beats are crazy. dope **** fammo
7:41 PM February 3, 2013 FlyShit via Mobile:

Dope!!! Every track is crazy! Keep going in shorty... That guy above me need to recalibrate his thinking...
3:13 PM February 3, 2013 jeffcoleisahoe said:

follow ur dreams but i gotta be real with u, you got alot of work to do your off beat at times and flow isnt there yet ...dont give up keep pushing