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K.O. McCoy - Against The World

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Score: 42
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Uploaded 01/24/2013
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8:45 PM March 20, 2013 bfonfield12 said:

KO u good. Mixtape go hard. Flipgame ent would love to have you on feature. @datziggidy u a hater. I see B.U.M. squad mixtape wasn't the only one you are trolling
4:33 AM February 3, 2013 Ginaowens913 via Mobile:

K.o this mix tape is Great and it has gotten alot of positive feed back keep doing your thang baby. Btw she is mixed her mother is black .
12:16 AM January 28, 2013 DATBOYD2013 said:

5:44 PM January 26, 2013 darkempirecmac11 said:

how much for uh feature
4:47 PM January 26, 2013 Dizzledaprince said:

Loving her topics,vocals,mastering etc much love to Allure Records.
6:23 AM January 26, 2013 Rapfiend89 said:

This is a hot *** mixtape!!
5:59 AM January 26, 2013 Rapfiend89 said:

@darkempirecmac11, Nashville, Tn.
12:23 AM January 26, 2013 darkempirecmac11 said:

anybody kno wea dis chick from