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B-Hoody - Properly Preserved

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Uploaded 01/17/2013
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Nashville, Tennessee rapper B-Hoody offers up his first EP and most consistent effort to date with his Properly Preserved EP. Featuring soulful samples from the 60's and 70's and a smoked out demeanor, B-Hoody rides each track with ease. In the words of B-Hoody, "Sit back and roll up some of your favorite medicine" while B-Hoody takes you through the Casheville, Ten-a-Key streets where he cut his teeth and learned the ways of the game.

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2:11 AM March 19, 2013 DGPWorld said:

I can listen to this all day! Keep the hits coming!
2:40 PM January 24, 2013 teamibhoody said:

we rockin with you hoodro!! smoke sumthin fam
10:55 AM January 23, 2013 ChanztynSalters said:

this some smooth riding music, s/o to you brah, I remember when you was "Lil Bizzy" grind homie
7:42 PM January 22, 2013 freddiocogd said:

dis **** riden i had to light me one bra Dope
10:17 PM January 20, 2013 tonygardner757 said:

Vote up muhfu***s! You know u aint heard nuthin this dope in a min!
6:51 PM January 20, 2013 stonergiirl420 said:

might take yo girl a place you cant take her.. ... take me lol
5:11 PM January 20, 2013 iamkingjames said:

Let everybody know i hear you hoodro!! u know i got this on Rpt!
1:22 PM January 20, 2013 JustinBanks said:

GOOD ****! that video hard too faml! hit me when you come to tha N.O!