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DP Da Phranchise - '96 BULLS#!T

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Uploaded 12/10/2012
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4:47 PM February 26, 2013 michaelharvey said:

4:46 PM February 26, 2013 jenniferleong422 said:

Been a fan for awhile now, and I can say he put on for hip hop!
4:45 PM February 26, 2013 jonesmary said:

DP Da Phranchise was crispy and flow was unique. nigga dont sound like no jay Z. sheesh
4:41 PM February 26, 2013 lorilopez said:

This was a random listen, thought he was tight af and DP putting on for 2013.
4:39 PM February 26, 2013 henrycarter718 said:

S/O to Bugatti Bully for hopping on that fire.#10 is sick
4:37 PM February 26, 2013 jorgemendenhal said:

4:37 PM February 26, 2013 edithholmes said:

Leo, I dont hear jay or 2chainz either. his flow is more random and he has allot of inflection in his tone.
4:33 PM February 26, 2013 nikitavest said:

Video was banging brah.