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Ron Paul - Black Out

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Uploaded 12/07/2012
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11:51 PM March 15, 2013 nameleswon said:

feeling the intro, but not my style of rap... Big up to the black republicans tho & great luck with your music !
10:24 PM December 11, 2012 Afrikan_Boi said:

im kinda feelin this ish..
2:27 AM December 11, 2012 Dreadkat35 via Mobile:

Few bangers on this one...them cold weather beats!!!
3:25 PM December 10, 2012 BreezeyMzuik said:

dat #12 is My ****!!!
1:01 AM December 10, 2012 pinocorner said:

If people don't talk bad things about you is because your not important. People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live.
10:22 PM December 9, 2012 atlboy1986 said:

gangsta ***** sampled number 4
8:09 PM December 9, 2012 MixtapeCommentorMAN said:

This tape good if you aint from the east you probably wont dig it aint much trapping going on but if your into that raw NY type **** this bangs perhaps ronpaul shoulda been around in the 90s
5:45 PM December 9, 2012 hard4life said:

This nigga is a joke. Ron Paul can't do **** and will never be in the runnings. That's all he can do is believe because it will never happen. I want all racist people dead, but it will never happen.