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G-Two - Trillmatic

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Score: 53
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89 Mixtape Votes
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Uploaded 11/27/2012
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12:24 PM December 28, 2012 lilfat said:

Dis **** Lame Kill Urself Atl Niggas Not ****in Wit It...
1:29 PM November 30, 2012 Pskeezee via Mobile:

7:00 PM November 29, 2012 AustinP15 said:

he cool
7:42 PM November 28, 2012 roxamore13 said:


Are you stupid bro? He's talkin about the name of the mixtape being a play off Nas' Illmatic. If you don't know the classics, stay away
10:41 AM November 28, 2012 ddotomen said:


^why are you so mad bro? did you even listen to the project? this has nothing to do with Nas. lol
7:55 AM November 28, 2012 IvyLeague5 said:

"Trillmatic" Nigga sit your *** down. I'm sure these votes come from people you know. This **** sucks. Don't ever disrespect NAS like that fool
8:37 PM November 27, 2012 fameishiphop said:

DMV, please rise. *Tweez voice* ... Brilliant body of work.
8:03 PM November 27, 2012 MumboMutumbo said:

He wack as **** and I love my DMV artist but he trash