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King Samson - Party X Bullshit Reloaded

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Uploaded 12/12/2012
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2:27 PM December 3, 2013 Makaveli34 via Mobile:

7.4.14 ***** azz niggas stop hatin go King Folks do ya thang G.D.N.
1:24 PM October 22, 2013 KoolKidd14 via Mobile:

Samson da King
3:52 PM September 4, 2013 clayb708 said:

That nigga "darealchitownjilla" is on some hatin ****. Make yo own music and shut the hell up
6:35 AM July 14, 2013 bubblemaster54 via Mobile:

Turn up
6:02 PM June 15, 2013 darealchitownjilla said:

u want rea chi town music this aint it this is really bs...think im just on some hating **** and press play..yo room gone start smelling like booty cuz this cd is ***
6:01 PM June 15, 2013 darealchitownjilla said:

this cd better than bizarre from d12 but he weak as hell too and they did a song together that **** made my head implode
6:00 PM June 15, 2013 darealchitownjilla said:

he look like he rap like this ugly as **** boa..this nigga look like aaliyah cell phone that was In her pocket when her plane crashed and this cd is *** cheeks make it clap *** nigga
5:58 PM June 15, 2013 darealchitownjilla said:

king Samson make music for niggas who who heel of they sock smell awful cuz they stand on the block and don't get money but they do it all day