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Yung Nation - All Freestyles 2

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Uploaded 11/23/2012
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6:57 AM October 1, 2013 deny1987 said:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.......... nikka said good music to listen to while plying cod zombies.... Zombies alright.. HAHAHAHAHAHahahaha rotc
3:02 AM March 29, 2013 ot2010 via Mobile:

What the hell go in
9:51 AM March 19, 2013 Gballa314 via Mobile:

Keep killin it.. Yung nation go off! YUHH
10:12 AM February 19, 2013 tankdeez said:

Deez yung niggas been doin dis! PTC! and dey dont sound like no ****ing 2chainz..Niggas aint ****
2:14 AM January 24, 2013 datziggidy said:

considering that these are all freestyles not written ****,alot of the trak ok,sum got nugs full of hairs that stik to yo hand,dat real piff,sum of um
4:10 PM January 22, 2013 gt1g via Mobile:

Stop hating and get money
3:14 AM January 18, 2013 datziggidy said:

he said 2 chains is his uncle n one of the songs but its ok,its something to smoke n get crunk to wyle you play zombies on cod blak ops 2
11:34 PM January 17, 2013 MFG32 said:

why both of deez niggaz tryna sound like 2 Chainz