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Yo Suave - Scream My Name

Mixtape cover art
Score: 78
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Uploaded 11/05/2012
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1:19 AM May 19, 2013 lilfatfoetyluv said:

cant judge a book by its cover ..the cover aint all dat but dis mixtape goin in we ****in wit it from Milwaukee back to yo city #Salute
11:02 AM December 12, 2012 jazziladi69 said:

im ****n wit it brah, stay on your **** ! :)
6:05 PM December 8, 2012 Frontline_BREEZE said:

Mixtape Cover Ugly , Shoulda Came to Me @TruBreeze_Lxxvi but mixtape goin in
3:01 PM November 28, 2012 LyrikalAzzazzin said:

You have raw talent ... Its amazing mayne. Its a New artist named Joey K I just found out about I think yall should collab on something.
10:04 AM November 25, 2012 candykisses74 said:

i started listening to you due to all the work you did with my brother @Nu-G'z you are very talented and i love ya voice im proud of yall keep it up !!!!
3:48 PM November 23, 2012 DatBoy319DOE said:

This **** is hot fam!!! Bangin this **** all the way up here in Cali dude. You got flames, these niggas arent seeing you. Keep it up my G.
3:44 PM November 22, 2012 blackxmas said:

Nice Work
7:00 PM November 19, 2012 pimpnameslickback said:

i ****s wit it lilhomie 215 checkin in