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Rello B - Surfers & $harks

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Uploaded 10/23/2012
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4:03 PM October 26, 2012 dacmcd said:

5:57 PM October 24, 2012 shakeboom via Mobile:

I'm feelin that home sick it's good to see a nigga I kno doin his thing keep it up rello b
11:45 AM October 24, 2012 kirbybee said:

-4 nothing further your honor....
11:17 AM October 24, 2012 kngbrn said:

Kirby ion internet beef but thanks for the hate we luv sure GOD blessed wit sum kind of talent besides hatin ctfu
10:53 AM October 24, 2012 Kidpick said:

kirby girl..if u dont like somethin **** nigga shut the **** up and keep movin ,we not beggin you **** niggaz to listen our money good weak nigga..
10:00 AM October 24, 2012 kirbybee said:

knw duke bt I listend to it and not feelin the **** at all, the bars & hooks are dumb as hell and his delivery is ***, no disrespect, accept ridicule like u do praise & quit whining bt it like a hoe
9:56 AM October 24, 2012 kirbybee said:

just becuase niggaz dont give positive comments dont mean they always hating and if you think so its becuz u a ***** nigga who cant accept negative ctiticism, all honesty this **** suck & I dont even
1:28 AM October 24, 2012 kngbrn said:

***** *** niggas u **** boys made cuz y'all struggling n ***** we got it lol#iknoytheymad