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FYUTCH - Mr. Flattop

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Uploaded 09/24/2012
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In the last 9 months, Nashville, TN rapper FYÜTCH has amassed over 10,000 Facebook fans and 140,000 Youtube views with co-signs from MTV, VIBE, and popular music blogs GoodMusicAllDay and The Smoking Section. Known for his Hi-top fade and distinct vocal delivery, 'Mr. Flattop' is here to stay.

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11:48 AM October 1, 2012 caliboy86 said:

U AINT MAC DRE MUTHA****ER!!!! u got that mug on ur cover like u the cuddie. u aint bay area foo!! middle finger going out to ur lame ***, R.I.P MAC DRE.
12:26 PM September 30, 2012 dinguhling said:

im not gone lie, i listened to this to c what this nigga with the high top fade was gone spit and i must say...i am impressed.
12:51 AM September 30, 2012 Rt554 said:

This man goes hard.. ready to see more but for now I can ride to this and hopefully spread the word to my friends. Tennessee representin'
8:55 PM September 26, 2012 wsparkman said:

It's different, but still has commercial qualities and that spells MONEY! I love this mixtape! Don't count him out, the FYUTCH is bright! lol
3:29 AM September 26, 2012 eddy201217 said:

10:29 PM September 25, 2012 LordWillinMurderDBlock said:

Y'all niggas stupid dumb *** nigga it aint about barz no mo in tha rap game, look at the top selling jointz right now ****s about commercial **** this nigga got it
10:16 PM September 25, 2012 tonepayne said:

This mixtape on point. Keep doin u
4:57 PM September 25, 2012 maninthebox said:

wonder how hard he worked on that album cover.