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Big Cov - U Gotta Pay Me

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Uploaded 09/17/2012
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8:28 PM September 19, 2012 bamanation said:

thumbs up. had to listen nigga had kd on 2 songs
8:01 PM September 19, 2012 bigcovdaking via Mobile:

Alot of Random people hittin me up Thankin me for the good music i just released to the world! #uWelcome l Let me know when yal ready for UGPM part2 next year mayne!
9:36 AM September 18, 2012 bamaclicktight said:

king of birmingham ummmmmmm i've never heard of dude until this tape but good music Dj New Era is a good dj he went in on the tape
10:17 AM September 17, 2012 bigcovdaking via Mobile: