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Tribal Council - Reacquainted

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Score: 27
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Uploaded 06/29/2012

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6:30 PM July 4, 2012 PersianSwag said:

Voices sound too young to feel. They will come up in a few years but wouldn't be caught dead blasting this out the window
3:52 PM July 3, 2012 jennercraig said:

**** is pretty dope
1:41 AM July 1, 2012 weedilove said:

These kids are from Cleveland wow I feel like a lame for not being up on this these kids may be a problem if they get out and that Info kid is a ****ing BEAST!!!!!!!!!! respect
9:00 PM June 30, 2012 musicNvodka said:

**** was pretty ill, take off indy, add too livemix. . . you got my vote.....bdot got flow too
7:25 PM June 30, 2012 bigqua said:

1:06 PM June 30, 2012 TheUltimateThinker said:

I got sucked in by the cover. Then i listened. then i downloaded
10:12 AM June 30, 2012 BlowJr said:

Wow! These lil dudes can flowwwwww.
6:40 PM June 29, 2012 ballingballer said:

seen these cats perform at bentley's glad to see them goin in the right direction.