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Lil Perfekt - Eviction Notice

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Uploaded 06/22/2012
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1:16 PM October 26, 2012 deeboisyb86 said:

aye big dawg !!!wuts hannenin my dude!!!thiz yo boi deezy checkin in!!l.o.l ent. watch out for my nigga hes next!! watch
1:37 PM July 14, 2012 louisinhd said:

underated. shoulda had him on the featured page
10:56 PM July 3, 2012 jblake1017 via Mobile:

That's was up Gutta keep at it Bruh Bruh everybody keep up wit dis dude he is next roll wit it or get rolled over. YNBB.
1:37 PM June 28, 2012 HamSmith said:

1:21 PM June 28, 2012 DJInYaMouth said:

I can dig it
1:20 PM June 28, 2012 SexiiiK said:

lol "Hilk Hogan" that was dope
1:10 PM June 28, 2012 WinningLoser said:

Made a fan today
1:08 PM June 28, 2012 SexiiiK said:

I'll be listening to this till next summer!