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SL Jones & DJ Burn One - Paraphernalia

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Uploaded 05/24/2012
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5:22 PM February 4, 2015 marshknotts via Mobile:

Still Jammin in's gonna jam forever...JONESAY!!
5:17 PM March 6, 2013 crunkpopeye said:

i am high
12:35 AM December 18, 2012 gageishere said:

i fck with this dude
S.L.A.B. is my ****
5:19 PM November 16, 2012 quintab said:

Jus heard this reppin tha Rocc town on that loc sh... Im feelin cuz wuz spittin. Muc luv to all tha Rocc Town locs most on lockdown an R.I.P to tha fallen. T-bone 43rd st S west
2:34 PM November 6, 2012 Kepps501 said:

It's Jones!!! 501 stand up!!!
11:46 AM October 8, 2012 pooloc said:

man dis nigga hard as **** got damn
4:27 PM September 29, 2012 SEPATXIM via Mobile:

This is the best album I've heard all year!! Can't wait to hear more from SL JONES.. Burn One's a monster on these beats to.. Per Say
10:06 PM July 24, 2012 Stupid_Checks said:

I slept on this at first, glad I checked it out.