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Lil Dooney - Money On My Mind

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Uploaded 04/28/2012
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9:06 AM May 5, 2012 bchantelle21 said:

Do ya thang doon
4:57 PM May 2, 2012 tuttnumber72 said:

from bouldercrest to marbut road #salute
10:06 PM May 1, 2012 mastamindatl said:

Wat side of ETLANTA HE FROM???
11:28 AM May 1, 2012 willis_tsw said:

This mixtape is the TRUTH
9:41 PM April 30, 2012 baddestone said:

lol i meant rap your music to me ..not **** my bad ***y lil dooney
9:38 PM April 30, 2012 baddestone said:

i love your your swag boy.. you going to blow up soon... you a ***y lil... holla at your girl if you do remember my name... i can be a friend so you can **** some of your music for me....wink
9:31 PM April 30, 2012 ipatillo said:

i think its a good mixtape and seem like folks just confused from the comments but you got this all the way doon..
9:27 PM April 30, 2012 whipnigga said:

doon dnt worry bout sum folks u going to always have haters. sum folks wanna take ur shine away cause they aint on your level.. You doing the damn thang and all your music is a damn story