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Jayo - #Makeway Mixtape

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Uploaded 04/09/2012
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6:13 PM March 4, 2013 dutchess82 said:

Im smokin to it!! Nice!!
2:37 PM May 28, 2012 jay24 said:

10:38 PM May 26, 2012 moosie_1925 said:

Congrats on getting the mixtape done bro. This goes hard so everyone support it.
11:55 PM May 20, 2012 mareojay1 said:

this **** go hard!!!
1:23 AM May 8, 2012 jayodontplay said:

gotdamn u i hate ta even type this LORD FAGIVE ME.. niigga u sound like u jock'n tha boy slim dunkin but u suck wit it tho so i ont kno what ta say..hang it up bruh
4:36 PM April 9, 2012 michaelgillespie via Mobile:

nigga aint freestyling, nice try tho;)