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FlyGuy King - Cheesecake The Movement (Cause & Effect)

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Uploaded 03/06/2012
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12:44 PM March 25, 2012 mogorilla said:

My nigga first mixtape ever and how he do it with burn one ....**** hatterz keep fightin da real nigga fight and spittin dat **** from da heart ....#CCM Gorilla ent
7:42 AM March 13, 2012 Stankonia32 said:

buncha hatin asses...He livin better than you for one reason....he aint talkin bad bout yo bum *** on the internet
1:20 AM March 12, 2012 1WLH said:

MAN!!!!!!!!!! WTF
7:21 PM March 9, 2012 DMVLegend said:

Friends dnt let Friends Humiliate Themselves. Tru Professionals dnt let UnProfessionals ruin the Brand. Stop lying to this nigga and taking his $$$.
7:04 PM March 9, 2012 ReeDaB said:

OMG LMFAO this is why NAS said HipHop is DEAD!!!! Stop the Violence...Save the BEAT!!!!!!
5:26 PM March 9, 2012 big_boii314 said:

Dam **** bumps. Great mixtape FlyGuy
8:56 AM March 9, 2012 FlyGuy_KING said:

To all my haters and the folk that are ****in wit the movement thanks for leaving comment and inspiring me to keep goin and ill see all yall when i reach the top #ccmcflboys
4:35 AM March 9, 2012 nateray76 said:

Dumb *** name and the music sucks too! -1