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Rajeev - 80 Proof Memories

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Uploaded 03/28/2012
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Rajeev's 80 Proof Memories is essentially the prequel to Bachelor Shit, hosted by Don Cannon. "Before I was flying all over the world, sleeping with foreign chicks, doing shows, skating with the homies, and enjoying life in general I was in Texas and Florida doing the same thing, on a smaller, not as grand scale," says Rajeev. Rajeev is a story teller who reflects on his past experiences in his music. 80 Proof Memories is a project that contains very personal stories that had a major impact on his life. Rajeev states, "while this is the darker prequel to Bachelor Shit, this project is definitely a trunk-beating soundtrack to good times and prosperous situations with those sexy chicks you've had your eyes on all night."

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9:13 PM July 31, 2012 adizzy123 said:

this **** is so dope
5:59 PM April 11, 2012 jarvo311 said:

this ish in underrated for sure.. miss me and black out is on some space ****!
8:52 PM April 2, 2012 ariz98 said:

mixtape was D O P E gott a fan out of ARIZONA now !
9:54 AM April 2, 2012 KushNGrapeCigz said:

Yo Rajeev why u aint add two more versus to "Butterfly Knife"? dawg u spittin nasty on that ****. sounds like a DJ Premiere. make more songs like that on the next one. God Bless.
4:12 PM March 31, 2012 gwappatl said:

stay consistent u on da way
7:05 PM March 30, 2012 coolmack said:

Listening to this motivate me
7:03 PM March 30, 2012 coolmack said:

This dude is going to be bigger than drake wale jcole and big krit.Watch what I say give him another year
4:14 PM March 30, 2012 bholler said:

hell yea