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J3 - The Forgotten MC

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Score: 40
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Uploaded 02/09/2012
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7:27 PM February 25, 2012 liltunechi281 said:

Need 2 ghet signed 2 an label that will help him grow nd devolp,,bud fye ahh mixtape doe,,keep dha mixtapes and the music droppin"
10:29 PM February 18, 2012 SnapBoiiShawty said:

What it Do J3 Its Ya Boy SnapBoiiShawty I Love The Mixtape Keep It Up Bro'Dy
7:28 PM February 12, 2012 ernika said:

Nice mixtape!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
11:15 AM February 10, 2012 jjennin86 said:

@NESofNOLA G's could refer to Gangster or Gentlemen. If you really studied G's you would understand that Real G's are men of Intelligence. Killer Mike went to school for a period of time
10:38 AM February 10, 2012 NESofNOLA said:

nice mixtape! real g's dont go to college son lol
9:42 AM February 10, 2012 RichboySF818 said:

your good bruh , just work on your flow . .. & smoke DEM HERBS .
7:35 PM February 9, 2012 KingShump said:

2:28 PM February 9, 2012 kodak314 said:

damn i found my new favorite rapper!keep up the good job bro!!