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Piffsburgh Stealers 2: Rise Of The Streets

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Uploaded 02/06/2012
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1:36 PM May 21, 2012 Blove1017 said:

I bet any money all yall niggas talkin bad on da burgh won't even step feet in our city... So shut yall ****
2:00 PM March 23, 2012 Dre1356 said:

**** yall lame *** *****es , our city put on
9:52 AM February 13, 2012 albion814 said:

pittsburgh niggaz suck yall ****ty as hell yall city look like yugoslovia a sum atom bomb dat ***** so itll be 1 less city full of suckas
7:54 PM February 12, 2012 KASH_KILLER said:

loool on the cover its got Games body and Young bucks head
11:48 AM February 10, 2012 svgetmoney said:

11:42 AM February 10, 2012 svgetmoney said:

1:43 PM February 7, 2012 dw15206 said:

dees da street niggas in da burgh listen to dat real **** yall industry *** niggas
12:47 PM February 7, 2012 1hoestreethop said:

damn let wiz and mac miller represent the burgh not these ****ty rappers they shouldnt even have this on this website ive heard middle school kids rap better than these *******s