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Cashout Clete - Risk Taking

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Score: 35
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Uploaded 02/24/2012
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10:33 PM April 18, 2016 Smoove2k9 said:

Anybody got that got work no job mixtape?
12:35 AM September 28, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

is tha same 4 pack on track #3 the nigga who got sparked at honour and texas??? niggaz in orlando know what im tambout
3:37 PM January 31, 2013 mab187 said:

Datz a fresh tape , Creepa hard az **** on Last Dance !! Salute da whole Duct Tape ** Real Niggaz do Real $hit**... otha niggaz get outta line if ya aint feelin diz ...
7:25 PM September 29, 2012 pluggtv via Mobile:

How y'all viewing n not voting...Stepped yo Game!! Vote this **** here BANGIN!!
12:22 AM September 29, 2012 DatNiggaPei said:

Vote this PLUS. This is some of the best music I've heard this year and I didn't know who he was a half hour ago. He go hard and got something for everyone on here.
3:47 AM February 26, 2012 islandbwy via Mobile:

I aint on no dopebwy shyt n I feel dis but I'll still touch ah ni66a soul... keep goin goin clete
9:41 AM February 25, 2012 Dassance said:

10:26 AM February 1, 2012 rawvera3 said:

hell yeah