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A Da Bu$iness - D.O.P.E.

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Score: 11
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Uploaded 01/18/2012
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12:47 AM March 18, 2012 CocoBenson said:

Best mixtape to hit the WEST COAST in a long time - S/O to "A" da BUSINESS ---- Puttin' in work reppin LA all day!!!! S/O to SKEE TOO *TURN UP* this legal D.O.P.E is LEGIT.
9:04 PM January 30, 2012 sm1544 said:

luv it!
8:45 PM January 30, 2012 deege475 said:

Skee does it again. Good job all around. Strong rhymes, strong beats.
8:39 PM January 30, 2012 themagic said:

solid mixtape! my favorite so far
9:20 PM January 19, 2012 riahbaee said:

lamee . .
3:53 PM January 19, 2012 TonyRigatoni said:

its always gonna be haters, Skee kills, made mixtapes wit all kinda big names, just cause he ****s around with lil fools too dont mean he sucks
1:13 PM January 19, 2012 tschmidt420 said:

this **** wack come on indy make more beats like 'lucy says high' DO WORK FOllow me on twitter ty_jet_life_420 i can spit too ill kill yo beats but not this wack ****
11:15 PM January 18, 2012 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

This deserves a vote up just for the beats alone. His flow sure don't deserve a negative score, this go hard!