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Nation - 3 Miles Per Hour

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Score: 45
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Uploaded 01/04/2012
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6:38 PM August 3, 2012 Rt554 said:

You know this would be good but they chopped every goddamn line in the song.
9:18 PM January 10, 2012 asongoneal said:

im feeling cozy cos im a screwhead...,lol . it gotta be strange for you if you arent used to screwed music. Fell on the tape by mixtape and im downloading it only cos of the screws
2:48 PM January 10, 2012 kwdvd said:

11:33 AM January 8, 2012 swerve704 said:

**** hot but the dj ****ed up the songs
9:10 AM January 6, 2012 Godsbest3712 said:

The album Hot fa sho......but dammmmmmm who's idea was it to chop every bar in each song
6:20 PM January 4, 2012 TylerAyeHardin said:

but what up with them dam chops like somebody tried to chop & screw it with out the screw part? not a good idea, kinda ruined the songs....
6:15 PM January 4, 2012 TylerAyeHardin said:

sad that this **** prolly gon flop. but ima still support bruh. he go in
4:53 PM January 4, 2012 Wwattz said:

all dis **** old