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Bloodshot - Here To Stay

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Uploaded 11/17/2011
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3:28 PM December 8, 2011 dickswellz said:

CONGRATS to my nigga Butler and the Bloodshot crew. PEACE, LOVE, BLESSINGS and much SUCCESS from ya boy ****Swellz. Theiveland/216 Stand the **** Up.
11:21 AM December 7, 2011 bigheff said:

good party music --
11:48 PM November 24, 2011 msfancy305 said:

Feelin this! Had me dancin, cool party music..
4:50 PM November 24, 2011 mugshot1 said:

I love this music! Bloodshot has a really different sound. Nice to see people makin original music these days
6:49 PM November 18, 2011 shockzone said:

this sucks ****s
7:53 PM November 17, 2011 ColdWorldHustler said:

not too bad . sound like black eyed peas. i like at least 5 songs..kept my girl dancing..thats a plus..
4:20 PM November 17, 2011 050thugz said:

''A Group With Street Credit'' The Lil Movie Says, WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My Left Ball Got Way More Street Credit Than Those 3 Bums WTF DJ E-V Doin With These Punks!?
1:59 PM November 17, 2011 D187DaMurdaMan said:

Cleveland Stand Up!!!
Be on the look out for D-187