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Black Boy Da Kid - Cut The Check

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Uploaded 08/20/2011
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3:47 AM June 27, 2017 mastamindatl via Mobile:

Oh **** I just realized this Rich The Kid & this was his old name ig. He been going hard on songs for long time I thought it was a Rich The Kid look-a-like at first tho
7:37 PM August 30, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

3:00 PM January 13, 2013 oscar1245 said:

n.4 damn song!
1:17 PM March 29, 2012 dontese1 said:

This my nigga
2:51 PM January 22, 2012 A1FELON said:

keep grindin pimp.. dont never let a hater inn!!! box em out.. do what they say you cant do nice swag on the mixtape.. keep goin harder
2:23 PM October 12, 2011 misz_PhatPhat said:

& FYI he from new york he just been living in the south . & its hella sad that some of yall talkin about quittin rap cause of a nigga yall claim suck hahahahahaha ignorance is bliss forreal .
2:16 PM October 12, 2011 misz_PhatPhat said:

okay ! i see my boo got some haters lmao !! dont be mad cause he on his **** & yall not ! #salute 'mitri **** these haters ;)
11:52 AM October 6, 2011 nigga77 said:

meatballllllllll haa nigga u aint travis porter if u wanna make it dig this be different