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Lil Meta - I'm Dat Dude

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Score: 99
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Uploaded 07/01/2011
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11:01 AM July 19, 2011 picturemerollin said:

number 7 & 14 foe sho!
10:57 AM July 19, 2011 picturemerollin said:

Damn! everything mr dollasign touch is hard as ****, i never seen the the dude before but i heard him on a few mixtapes and these 2 dudes together !!!FIRE!!!
8:34 PM July 18, 2011 lilsouljah6667 said:

but i like 16 the best cahz i grew up with both of them cats!!!! goin in!!
8:33 PM July 18, 2011 lilsouljah6667 said:

dis ****s fiya!!!! numa 17's riden!! i **** with im that dude too free boosie
6:59 AM July 17, 2011 Mlbplaya561 said:

Lil Meta putting in work!!! These songs ride and all go hard!! The Whole Package and Uncle Jimmy are knockin! Keep it up Brah!!
10:35 PM July 15, 2011 mizay100 said:

damn number 9 is riden.. meta goin in "White girl on deck hilliary duff/ throwin money in the club even though times is tough/ got the biggest nutts you can call me king tut/
2:03 PM July 15, 2011 mizayentatl said:

mizay need to sign him back
1:55 PM July 15, 2011 mistadontplay11 said:

dis **** goin HAM!@!!