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Ron Paul 2012 (Campaign For Liberty)

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Score: -24
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Uploaded 06/26/2011
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8:48 PM January 10, 2012 teddyjacob said:

ron paul is gonna make it to where the FEDs cant ban that bud niggaaa he's got my vote.
12:26 PM July 6, 2011 darealchitownjilla said:

i listened this **** aint political at all. this nigga peoples bogus as hell 4 letting him drop this
5:13 PM July 4, 2011 mbball055 said:

I like that Ron Paul says what he thinks but he is a lunatic
2:35 PM July 3, 2011 pootits said:

this **** makes me want to touch my toes
2:11 PM July 3, 2011 littlemantz11 said:

7:29 PM July 2, 2011 Conor1111 said:

Theres a reason why this at -5 haaaa
4:01 PM July 2, 2011 sosexy86 said:

Niqqa's still think Obama is one of us! What a joke! He's an Arab not African American. When will people learn. I guess when he takes away welfare they will learn!
2:08 PM July 2, 2011 scarfare187 said:

Ron Paul is the only hope for america obama is a nigga from kenya not even a us citizen