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Lil Perfekt - Perfekt Example

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Uploaded 06/15/2011
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1:36 PM June 28, 2012 HamSmith said:

cool kid
5:26 PM September 1, 2011 gmerc said:

Dope lyrics, tight beats, lovin it!
11:46 PM July 10, 2011 jblake69 said:

thats whats up gutta keep doing your thang and reppin the eight fifty yall niggas dont know bout dis we bout to be on top of the world with this **** JODY BREEZE..........
11:21 AM June 29, 2011 SexiSimone said:

This is what's up, and the lyrics make sense. Continue yall to be on that grind and keep ya head up, yall got something that can make it. support you fully
12:35 AM June 16, 2011 blktrax31 said:

bruh go hard.....hard lyrics and tracks do ya thang homie, gotta slap it across tha M-Town!!!
11:23 PM June 15, 2011 RioteamGp216 said:

i **** Wit it !!!
6:00 PM June 15, 2011 FlyFakhri said:

I swear Vybe Beatz go hard *** hell!