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A-Lox - The Fixtape

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Score: -2
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Uploaded 05/13/2011
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8:57 PM April 8, 2012 backstroke said:

Why You Try To Steal Plies Mixtape Background.Biting Doesn't Work Anymore Boy
4:19 PM September 18, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

its mainstream someone call the garbage label,u know YMCMB.u fukn rap like weezy,lame *** garbage.Britney spears goes harder than this tape..LMFAO...yo big six,scream what up,yeah 5150.
9:58 PM June 21, 2011 thecitadel said:

2:46 PM June 1, 2011 RoseyB said:

I'm Not The Type To Judge People, Cause I Know Everybody Try To Be Successful In Dis Rap ****,
But You Straight Garbage Bruh!
2:55 PM May 29, 2011 chrisfo214 said:

plies copyin *** nigga.
1:57 PM May 20, 2011 dat_florida_boi said:

but i didnt need to be debriefed prior to listening
1:57 PM May 20, 2011 dat_florida_boi said:

its not like your creativity was so intellectually intense & called for you to educate the, no...epic fail, i aint hating actually liked the music,
1:53 PM May 20, 2011 dat_florida_boi said:

if you have to explain why your named your mixtape a certain "phrase" or metaphysical conceit, then you need to be minused, you lame for that, you dont need to explain ****, just rap/sing