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Jelly Roll - The Collection

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Uploaded 03/15/2011
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7:11 PM May 29, 2014 golfpro05 said:

7:24 PM March 15, 2014 Buckeye937 via Mobile:

The beat on "put that on my momma" is slick as ****. Better have gave 2face cred fa that one! Lol
5:53 PM March 13, 2014 hawksrule9 said:

Rap is to easy if you just tell the truth.
7:48 PM January 14, 2014 trefats via Mobile:

Jelly be going hard. I like all of his **** the deal
6:24 PM August 19, 2013 madroxide said:

You know MGK fans hatin on this **** here...Jelly goes hard,**** your Favorite Rapper.This **** ridin'
12:10 AM December 2, 2012 Infamous_kidNSV via Mobile:

"Since the age of twelve i beeN a criminal the only thing I'm good at is working digitals if u save .2 on every gram u sellin u get 8 and a half outta every 7" real **** my nigga
3:48 PM February 15, 2012 Swagg920 said:

wow what the **** like 30 sec of the first song im feelin this **** its bangin... what the **** why havnt i been listining to him for awhile
12:50 PM February 1, 2012 pokerdad via Mobile:

this dude speaks bout himself tru! he aint gotta suga coat **** to get his point across!