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Bonafied Hustler 2

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Uploaded 02/08/2011
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1:11 PM April 18, 2012 Adotlive said:

Free Merse hes coming home soon all Tht snitch **** is dead them niggas is from new york no Where near birmingham ****ing ****
1:19 PM February 9, 2011 nikedunk11 said:

i think he jus tryina hate on every mixtape he prob a wanna be rapper that got turned down crazy dude kill yaself
8:02 AM February 9, 2011 teddy89 said:

Couldn't of said it better my self zack...ride alone that way only you know what you done
11:40 PM February 8, 2011 atlzbioz said:

@adam_west **** you and AL, this is home of the Braves ***** come get it
11:01 PM February 8, 2011 zackfortner said:

i dont know these nigga's and everybody is a snitch these days cant trust nobody but yurself.
8:57 PM February 8, 2011 teddy89 said:

adam i feel you wit bringin out the snitches and **** but if you gonna do it...give more info...or else you just start sounding crazy if we see this on every damn mix tape
5:09 PM February 8, 2011 nikedunk11 said:

damn @adam_west evry1 a snitch aint they? u a hater all it is!
3:57 PM February 8, 2011 adam_west said:

G Bub & Merse two snitches
you can't trust these two niggas because they get up close to niggas to snitch on them to get them out the way so they can eat
don't come back to birmingham AL