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Celeb Forever - Black Hearts & Gold Bottles

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Uploaded 01/06/2011
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9:38 PM November 4, 2011 Random74 said:

@GMART10 Actually,, he really did write songs for wayne.. If you listen to their music it even sounds similar.. Research facts before you talk,, it helps you sound less stupid..
2:43 PM August 14, 2011 Reginelli said:

Yea, I'm feeling him.
11:49 AM June 23, 2011 mike245 said:

wow this is hot
10:51 PM June 21, 2011 GMART10 said:

10:50 PM June 21, 2011 GMART10 said:

@vmg412 get yo clown *** outta here, talkin bout he wrote songs for wayne, goofy
9:06 PM June 8, 2011 Jacob2013 said:

flow like Joker. Voice like Drake.
1:15 PM June 8, 2011 jmac292010 said:

3:01 PM June 5, 2011 vmg412 said:

celeb forever = neyo of hip hop, hes been writing everyones music in hip hop for years, just like neyo wrote for beyonce, janet jackson, justin timberlake, rihanna and many more