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Soufboi - Rap Game Easy

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Uploaded 12/15/2010
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Wednesday, Dec. 15th @ 8PM EST!

Follow @LiveMixtapes, @DJSPINATIK & @Therealsoufboi!

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12:04 PM August 21, 2011 mind_on_money said:

That Nigga Not From No ATL So you Souind like a hater
9:41 AM July 19, 2011 terry_crumpadimepeice said:

souf boy a ***** as nigga from da jecks who lie on wax FACT ....atl dont **** wit him like dat
9:41 AM July 19, 2011 terry_crumpadimepeice said:

BOOOOOOOOOO this nigga is lame as hell @bigtex1986 u gotta be this nigga boi to LIE TO him like that this **** is horrible atl niggaz is lame as hell and im from da A
11:25 PM June 12, 2011 boy1125 said:

he needs to get signed. fo real!
12:29 AM April 10, 2011 BWiZer said:

Wdf bow wow!!? ***** haten *** niggaz don't even kno rap thinkin he wack listen to da punch linez spitten harder den most thesez rapperz out now
5:19 PM March 17, 2011 ceo_d said:

this the wackest mix tape in world........bow wow got u beat
4:04 PM February 2, 2011 Marques999 said:

"You talkin' money, thats my lango, ya chick swallowed my skittles, and she can taste the rainbow".
11:16 PM January 11, 2011 jmac292010 said: