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Phene - Leap Of Faith

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Score: 52
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Uploaded 09/10/2010

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5:41 PM October 18, 2011 mebaddboy1 said:

YES!!! I still bang 'God on a Greyhound'...guess om on this now. Keep puttin out good music man :)
10:00 PM May 18, 2011 crnlssutton said:

Good music. don't let the money change ya soul..good music leads to good minds and great souls..
11:54 AM April 25, 2011 liteuup said:

Crazy how this mixtape only has a 36
7:50 PM November 18, 2010 BADNEWZVA said:

im really feelin this tape! banging tracks!!!!!!!
5:04 PM September 29, 2010 Docgotcake said:

this **** is raw.
9:28 AM September 20, 2010 Asingles23 said:

REppin my ****in city!!! This dude nice heard before...glad he gettin his music out
2:00 AM September 17, 2010 neeko217 said:

this dude is sick! a score of 19 shows the sad state of affairs hip hop is in and what mainstream media has done to the promotion of it! Real hip hop 4 life!
1:26 AM September 11, 2010 Retrokidplus said:

dang homie slick