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Ray Jr. - 9 O'Clock Mixtape (Hosted By Eighty 81 Jameel)

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Uploaded 08/25/2010
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Ray Jr. formerly known as Young Ray has been in LA for a while but is now back in Cleveland. Soon as he got back he got with me and DJ Steph Floss to come up with his tape. Steph Floss, 9′ oclock mixshow, all clean music. Are you starting to see the picture? We got a mixtape of all clean music from Ray Jr that you can listen to anywhere. He has been doing some great things for the kids around the city of Cleveland so be on the lookout for more great events in the city and more music from him. You can download here but there will also be hard copies flooding the streets.The official mixtape �Homeroom� hosted by DJ Steph Floss ready to drop on Sept. 3rd. It will be available via the net and just about anywhere in Cleveland.

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5:03 PM February 22, 2012 paullamer said:

almost sound like RR
11:56 PM July 28, 2011 d_k2012 said:

12:22 PM September 6, 2010 stacksontopofstacks said:

Orignal music Cleveland LeGo
1:56 PM September 2, 2010 flash216 said:

young ray the college educated street nigga droppin flame
6:10 PM August 29, 2010 tuguncannon3205 said:

12:17 AM August 26, 2010 thebossofthecartel440 said:

real niggaz do real thangs, 440 to the 216 ya'll know we flippin bricks. I SEE YOU NIGGA!
9:38 PM August 25, 2010 lambolouy said:

216 in here...
8:14 PM August 25, 2010 pimpdad12 said:

this go hard