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Black Boy Da Kid - Next Batter Up

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Score: 25
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Uploaded 08/24/2010
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12:39 PM May 22, 2015 Broward_Own said:

hahaha Rich see they luv hate and luv you again...this rich da kid and all these comments was hating on cuz laffing to the bank...hold yo head....slide to broward county tho....fuk wit jamaican and haitians
2:52 PM April 9, 2015 razhad1017 via Mobile:

Yal know this Rich The Kid right?
12:43 PM November 25, 2013 Wilkinson27 said:

LMFAO What the **** is this peter pan man doing makin mixtapes???
11:10 PM January 15, 2012 jrobd said:

Nice Mixtape fagget ! Only song i could stand was "Suck Me Up" The rest was *** on a stick just like your dumb *** lisp ***** *** nigga
12:49 AM December 2, 2011 help3515 said:

DAM bro!!!! they don't like your ***!!!!!!! WOW!!
2:04 PM September 15, 2011 southsidedagod said:

Yall **** niggas get off my lil homie fo I come see yall my location is in spicewood
2:12 PM April 27, 2011 22danjames said:

git chekin your raps are wake git rapin git freestylez you suck Black Boy Da Kid
5:02 AM March 19, 2011 DeeMonet said:

was locked up wit dude >>>he is a fake rapper cat that dont take showers >>>>do the peanut butter DANCE KID ...LOL I C U