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Slick Nick - Retweet This

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Score: -18
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Uploaded 08/07/2010
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6:37 AM February 21, 2011 050thugz said:

Slick Nich Huh Wow Original Slick Rick Must B His Childhood Idol Damn....
3:24 PM October 5, 2010 tony6ixx said:

1:56 PM August 13, 2010 BenBeamon said:

im ****ing with it he got his own style like me ... keep grinding my nigg ... beamon.
11:21 PM August 12, 2010 jd_da_boss1 said:

Wtf is this **** u talk bout the same **** in every song the beats go hard tho u Betta off being a garbage man trust me you'll make alot more your rap career is ova before its even started
10:17 PM August 12, 2010 laman213 said:

OMG! this is HORRID no hating AT ALL jus seriously no talent!! OMG this BOOTY! hit and miss on the beats alot sound the same wow this #****sux
4:50 PM August 12, 2010 whoknowsmarz said:

i gave it a negative score and i didnt even listen to the **** already got a negative score for a reason so imma add to it
5:10 AM August 12, 2010 dynamic_731 said:

these niggaz too old for that bull****!!!!!!!! i'd expect somethin like that from 13yr olds!!!!!!!!
3:03 AM August 12, 2010 dsap575 said:

that video was a waste of time dnt watch it. jus niggas tryin to be their favorite rappers