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Jus Mic - Poetry For Misfits

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Score: 40
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Uploaded 02/06/2010

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11:33 PM September 20, 2010 216thetakeover said:
11:26 PM July 25, 2010 EATACOCK said:

arizonas bumpin u on the streets now!!!!
5:24 PM July 17, 2010 EATACOCK said:

jus is one of the best right now but j. cole is there with em'!!!!!!!!!!
11:24 AM July 9, 2010 216thetakeover said: is Jus Mic's home site.
2:43 AM June 29, 2010 realhiphopmovement said:

where can i get more jus mic?
2:42 AM June 29, 2010 realhiphopmovement said:

strait up some of the best music ive heard in a long time u need to download then spread this around. ive listend to both mixtapes front to back and know every word THIS IS GREAT MUSIC!
5:48 PM April 27, 2010 Uncle_O said:

I love this mixtape, it's the realest music i heard since Tupac
7:52 PM April 20, 2010 mickxflip said:

you sick brah shout out to da ppl in nor cal frisco has much love for jus mic