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Young Capone - Paper And Politics

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Uploaded 01/09/2010
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2:24 AM November 12, 2016 benderzap via Mobile:

3:50 PM November 20, 2012 Tkism82 via Mobile:

This nigga Go....
6:48 AM September 13, 2012 mastamindatl said:

@hotboyz2261 east atlanta is not in decatur ga and thats where Y.C from decatur is a"Eastside Of Atlanta" but anywho this still ride from top to bottom and he needs to make another tape!
2:39 PM July 13, 2011 Djok said:

this **** be goin ham
3:53 PM June 21, 2011 mhall251 said:

i ****s wit young C that nigga doin his thang
3:17 AM March 18, 2011 hotboy2261 said:

columbus ga ****s wit east columbus ta east atlanta
1:30 PM December 31, 2010 Seddy1 said:

I ****s Wit my Nikka Young C, Along Wayyyyyyyyyy, (No Homo)
Glen Wood
12:48 PM November 15, 2010 georgiaboy7414 said:

boi u know u lying them mp niggas didnt play the radio in school when they came u probably hatin cause they stomp ya *** out out hahahahaha lmao glenwood 107 act like u know zone 6 that duck