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Emilio Rojas - The Natural

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Score: 71
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Uploaded 12/04/2009
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2:17 AM February 5, 2011 siouxperman82 said:

Track 5,7,8,10 and 13 are not on here that's some bull**** is on some bull****!!!!!!!!!! Wtf!!!!!!
1:39 AM December 5, 2010 andrear said:

4:14 PM November 22, 2010 Justa_Phella said:

its worth the download...ya wack *** niggas be hating because ya listent to the same niggas that brag about money & the streets....reall hiphop is on the rise...MONSTER inc. KANYE WEst label
5:44 PM August 13, 2010 willdaBoiiWonder said:

if yall think hes wack listen to hold you down remix
6:27 PM June 14, 2010 Timbuck said:

this dude is so ****ing wack. he needs to stop. and go eat a ****
11:04 AM April 3, 2010 Daniele said:

10:41 AM April 2, 2010 pawtucketj said:

3:47 PM March 31, 2010 st_2010 said:

this dude is hip hop real music not that bull **** bold arrogant is a beast of a track matter fact irecently got in touch with my local radio station to get it pushed into rotation .