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Mike Lo - FaceTime

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Score: 42
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Uploaded 02/16/2017
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2:09 AM May 27, 2017 Energysage97 said:

Dude I wanna bump Came For in my car until the speakers burst
6:29 PM May 26, 2017 saada12 said:

this mixtape is gorgeous, loved all the songs especially " came for" song, beats are amazing. you guys rock!
3:07 PM May 26, 2017 happysnappy said:

Thank you for sharing this!
2:17 PM May 26, 2017 jj1944 said:

I can't get enough of this tape. I just love Oh Yeah
1:44 PM May 26, 2017 helen721 said:

This is definitely a mixtape that I'll be blaring in my speakers all around the neighborhood. Strong from start to finish.
1:39 PM May 26, 2017 JulioPacio said:

Great variety on this mixtape.The beats are very energetic and upbeat
12:43 PM May 26, 2017 wmsfootball said:

yo this is sick, keep it up!
10:57 AM May 26, 2017 beermoney548 said:

Great tape mate! Wait is definitely the best track on it.