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Joey Fatts - Chipper Jones EP Vol. 2

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Uploaded 05/29/2013
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2:08 PM July 9, 2013 StreetWise909 said:

guess whos bak in the mutha fukn house... Killa Cali Is Da $tate Murda... cutthroat boyz go hard, & der from $trong Beach 4 doez of u who didnt know
11:40 PM June 25, 2013 mcarter2009 said:

this is so under rated
2:01 AM May 30, 2013 BrucePresident said:

old school ice cube cover ..... dope!!!!!!!!!! and choppa bang
1:36 AM May 30, 2013 watsupman said:

finally this **** here been waitin for this!
8:26 PM May 29, 2013 FleeGunnaRiich said:

Damn y'all niggas be going hard...niggas steady complaining bout deadlines but getting the music free I dnt see y'all complaining bout that...but anyway this shxt hot vote up
10:24 AM May 29, 2013 Subzi said:

Quick way to lose fans lying about dates, missing deadlines, whats so hard about not putting out dates when you're uncertain it's gunna be ready for then? Smh
12:34 AM May 29, 2013 cpdsm91 said:

Incompetent niggas missin they deadlines...acting like they planned to wait months to drop this tape.
7:48 PM May 28, 2013 dwalke_21 said:

I ****s with Boy solid west coast nigga real **** doe